Strauss-Kahn, NYC Hotel Maid Settle Her Lawsuit

This is the hotel chamber made his allegations of sexual assault brought down a man widely expected to be president of francen navi sake diablo accepted and undisclosed settlement in exchange for dropping her lawsuit against dominique strauss kahn. i have an effect. everyone politically with this resolution keep you know strauss condom attend the proceedings former head of the international monetary fund remained in paris and ask the ports of media calling him debate ever malone he’s always said that the encounter with the allen is luxury hotel was consensual, but the case of the leash a string of accusations against the well-known womanizer that helped destroy his political aspirations. it didn’t matter that prosecutors dropped all criminal charges against him saying that the allele had credibility problems specifically inconsistencies in her story the fact that she’d lied about being raped before to get asylum in the united states. next week a judge in france decides whether or not to pursue hoping charges against dominique strauss kahn in connection with an alleged prostitution ring strauss kahn admits he attended sex parties with the women but says he didn’t know they were being paid and looks like his naval troubles may not be over yet presence of any aljazeera the Bronx New York.