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Duke porn star Belle Knox earn $5,000 for doing a one-night New York escorts and $1,500 to $2,000 per adult film shoot for the more than $50,000 a year tuition at Duke.

Miriam Weeks, Duke university student turned porn star Belle Knox

Miriam Weeks, Duke university student turned porn star Belle Knox

Knox is set to rake in thousands in adult-industry cash, with books, films and her own sex-toy line. She was even set to score up to $5,000 for doing a one-night stand at a Hell’s Kitchen strip club Tuesday night.

“I have a lot of opportunities coming my way, I have a sex-toy line . . . coming out very soon and also I’ve been offered a paid internship at Pornhub in their p.r. and marketing development,” Knox told The Post. “At this point I am working to expand my brand and break down barriers that exist for sex workers, while also promoting sex workers’ rights.”

Knox said she is planning to continue her education at Duke, even though her fellow students have slapped her with a scarlet letter.

Her rep said classmates at the “Southern Ivy” school in North Carolina have hurled death threats and set up “fake” Web sites to humiliate her.

When she arrives back at Duke Thursday, she will be escorted by campus security because of the “harassment issues,” she said.

“I am planning on going back this week,” Knox said. “But I am trying to fit my media appearances around it.”

The coed expects to be able to both jiggle her goods and juggle her classes, eventually making her way to law school, where she hopes to become an advocate for sex workers.

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America’s newest Foxy Knoxy says she has already earned enough cash from her sex flicks to pay for an entire semester at Duke — roughly $29,000, according to her lawyer, Terence Camp.

It was not clear how much she was getting for her sex-toy line, but her rep said the product will be a specially made mold of her, ahem, privates.

She intends to further build her bank account by using one of her less recognized body parts — her brain.

She is planning to write a book and says she has already turned down a $35,000 advance from a “major publishing house.”

Despite her flesh-peddling payday, Knox insists she is still a feminist at heart.

In a blog post yesterday on the popular women’s Web site XO Jane, she defended her appearance on a notorious “rough sex” Web site.

She argued that the move was “feminist” because she enjoyed it, even though she was seen being choked and insulted while performing sex acts.

“I’m an ambitious young woman. I’m a student at Duke. I’m a slut who needs to be punished,” Belle Knox wrote.

She said she got pleasure during a scene in which she engages in “painful,” “nasty,” “name-calling-filled” sex.

“Pain arouses me; it just does . . . I wanted to do a rough porn scene — to take ownership of my fantasies,” she revealed.

“Feminism means I can take ownership of what I enjoy sexually,” she wrote.

Belle Knox in Manhattan Hotel

Belle Knox in Manhattan Hotel

“When I agreed to film that rough sex scene, I knew what was in store for me.”

She added, “Whatever choice a woman is making . . . even if it is a degrading sexual act — is absolutely feminism.”

Knox then notes she would “take back” the experience because porn honchos took advantage of her — but that she’s not ashamed of her fetish.

“I knew that it was a game of psychological degradation as much as physical. I knew as it was unfolding and I saw exactly how they were trying to ‘break me.’”