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When the Provider You Hired Isn’t a Good Fit from NY Escort

Life is full of disappointments. We private entertainers try to provide a respite or ny escort from these daily drags, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later that a client leaves feeling let down. We have ways of managing in these scenarios, and you should, too. Here are some thought-through tips for how to deal when you’re unexpectedly underwhelmed. (NOTE: This is NOT about situations or NY escort in which a woman very clearly and intentionally misrepresents herself or her services in order to scam you, and it is written with the assumption that you’re treating the provider respectfully and appropriately as well.) 1. Remind yourself that this is a disappointment for her, too. Most of the women in this industry are at least somewhat invested in our work. If nothing else, we understand that unhappy clients are bad for our bottom line, and we don’t relish the opportunity to spend time with men who resent us. If you know that the provider you’re seeing is legitimate— she’s been running ads for a while, she has a number of reviews or a significant social media presence—give her the benefit of the doubt that your disappointment was unintentional, and she’s also bummed about it. 2. You can leave, but your money can’t. Know that you have no obligation to remain for the entirety of an appointment, but you do have an obligation to pay the agreed-upon amount or the appropriate cancellation fee, and you don’t get to request a refund. A provider’s face looking differently than you anticipated from her blurred photos, her personality being brusquer than you’d imagined, or her skills not rising to the level you’d hoped – these are not breaches of contract. You don’t get your money back merely for being disappointed, because she won’t get her time back for meeting up with someone whose expectations were off. Sorry to be harsh, but the rule is buyer beware. 3. If you do stay, make the best of it. Unless things are really bad, why not stick around and make the best of it? After all, just because things aren’t perfect doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! Politely suggest alternative activities if, for example, her role-play skills are lacking. It’s okay to say when you’re not enjoying something, but offering a litany of complaints won’t do much to improve your time together. Instead, focus on what’s enjoyable and let the rest go for now. 4. Afterwards, figure out what went wrong so you can avoid a similar situation in the future. -Did she look differently than you expected? Learn about common photography tricks so you can parse provider photos better. Stick with pros who have multiple, clear shots. Find a companion who posts candid pictures on Twitter or Facebook, so you have a better idea of her everyday appearance. -Was her personality not a good fit for yours? Look for the providers with longer, more descriptive ads. Follow them on social media so you can get an idea of how they interact with people. Start with a shorter engagement to make sure you have chemistry before you commit to five long hours together. -Were her skills a bit lackluster? When making contact for the first time, it’s okay to ask about a provider’s experience level. Check to see if she has any reviews. Make a note of what words she uses to describe herself. If she clearly label herself a ‘fetishist’ or a ‘girl next door’, and you’re looking for someone who’s a sadist or a PSE provider, you should keep looking. -Was there a miscommunication? Make sure you clearly asked for what you wanted and she indicated she understood. If it seems you aren’t communicating well beforehand, chances are the session won’t go as smoothly as you’d like. Finally, remember that just because you two didn’t hit it off doesn’t mean that she’s no good at her job or you’re an undesirable client. Not everyone will have chemistry together, and that’s okay! There will be a better fit out there for both of you, and knowing what you don’t want can help you find that person.