Comparing the escorts rates in my city and in USA

Once I thought it would be interesting to compare the escorts rates in my city and in America. Haha, that was the day when I was suppossed to read for my philosophy exam and I dont know why all these thoughts about escorting were plagueing me. I couldn’t concentrate on philosophy at all. And there it happened. I ve chosen a random NYC girl and it turned out to be a very successful independent escort, providing GFE and charging 1k/hr. Wow. I went to her website and spent almost an hour browsing it. Her attitude, writing, everything was so classy and inspiring. I liked everything about her. Her face is cropped from the photos, and she says she is a real printed bikini model. ( I think that it is a very good idea to have some part-time occupation in addition to escorting, that way you are more or less safe from the questions where are all the money come from). And AGAIN I started cosidering escorting. I could set up something like she did, start from slightly lower rates, as a newbie, and specialize on GFE. The thing about high rates is that I will have only 1-2 clients per month, especially at the beginning, so I wont burn out and can manage my SD, my college, my escorting, internships, and have some extra cash to pay for additional courses and fancy staff. I was always interested in escorts life, browsed some elite escort agencies websites (girls rates there from 500 to 1000$), examining their pics, thinking if I could do that too. But I knew I would never do that as I am paranoid if somebody could spot me escorting. And on most sites girls have to show their face, which is definitely unappropriate for me. I had some attempts escorting independetly, picking the clients from our super popular dating site, but had only bad experiences, probably will describe it later, most painful moments in my life. This was where I thought I would better stop doing this crazy shit. BUT if I could be totally dicreet, independent and charge 1k/hr – that is a deal worth cosidering. Hmmmmmm In real life, what people THINK about you matters MORE than what you REALLY ARE. So nothing bad if you fucking some guys for money – until no one knows about that :)……. What do you think, ladies? Need some advice