I have seen Tara before

I have seen Tara before and forgot how pretty she is in person and how incredible she is in bed. Making an appointment has always been super easy I as I drove to her place I was constantly thinking of her and had an erection. This has never happened to me. Any way when she opened the door for me we were both happy and locked our self in a deep kiss after she closed the door. The kiss was so erotic that I could feel her tongue deep in my throat. She ran her tongue around my teeth, under my tongue and all around my mouth and we were nearly out of breath after this intense 10 minute deep kiss. She was wearing a silky black dress, a black skirt, black stockings, and a pair of killer black leather boots that accentuated her long legs; as she bent over by the fridge to get me a drink I caught a glimpse of that perfect ass under the dress. I thought I was going lose it in my pants before I even started. She could see I was excited and she just smiled, giggled, and said let’s have some fun.