This was the third time of NY Escorts

This was the third time of NY Escorts I’d seen Ling and it was just as good as the first two. She answered the phone and scheduled a time for later that evening. She showed to my hotel room looking business-like, yet very sexy with some new thigh-highs. Not a lot of chit chat initially, then some DFK and groping of her. She then went to the bathroom and returned looking great, and we got down to business.

Exchanged escort service with Masami

Exchanged escort service with Masami while I was in NYC once and we couldn’t meet up, so next time I was around, I definitely wanted to make it happen. She has a day class, so I was worried our schedules wouldn’t match up – they did. Had her meet me at my hotel across the river and met her in the lobby. Definitely a hot girl, just not the same as the pics – easy to tell simply because of the breast size. After some short conversation, we proceeded to my room, quick LE check, then we went. VIP’s, read on, definitely massage only, guests, get some references, then definitely repeat.

I saw Saki ad on Citysearch looking for same-day appointment

For NYC Escorts, I called as soon as I saw Saki ad on Citysearch looking for same-day appointment. Was given early afternoon appointment and hotel location. Called for room when I got there and had to wait about 25 minutes for callback but the wait was well worth it for NY Escorts. When I got to the room I was met by a very attractive AA woman in nice silky robe. We kissed and the fun began. Overall very nice in New York Escorts and I would repeat.

On a trip to New York I saw an ad for Masami

On a trip to New York I saw an ad for Masami and decided to give her a call for New York Escorts. I was glad I did. She is a sweet and very fun girl. I enjoyed our experience so much I saw her again the next evening in Manhattan Hotel. Initial contacts were through email and when she was about to arrive she phoned to let me know she was almost there. Great service and right on time.

This review is a long time coming

So this review is a long time coming-I saw Saki when she was with Aphrodite before working under a different name. I scheduled 3 hours with her, as it was an New Year 2013 gift to myself. I am SO glad I did!! If you like dark hair, laid Asian girls with an unbelievable body, you must to make time to see Saki!

I was on business this week in New York

I was on business this week in New York so I made my way over to NJ for the weekend to hang out. It is my favorite city in the U.S. and I always have a great time there. I had already hobbyed this week but I was still looking for that something special . I found it in AsianCallGrilNY whom I discovered on Citysearch. Their reviews were great and I thought she was beautiful. Lets be honest here. There are not shortage of hot providers in NYC so when you come across someone special you will know it. Nanami has vaulted to the top of my list and I am pretty damn picky. Yi is not only beautiful and sexy but she is smart and charming too. Not to mention from Taiwan with a sexy accent. I just love those very exotic Asian women. YMMV but for me this is why I like to hobby. To find someone like Yi. I reached out to Yi via her website and I provided her with my references. I am Whitelisted by serveral providers on Citysearch so that makes the process go by quickly. Yi was professional and got back to me really quick. Our date was set and she seemed eager to meet me. We touched base earlier in the day to firm everything up. I was excited to meet her. Yi arrived at my hotel on time and looking amazing. When I opened the door I was stunned. I knew she was beautiful but she had a little something else that is hard to discribe and she looked even better in the flesh. She was more petite than I thought and dressed to the nines. I am into fashion my self so I always enjoy seeing a woman who dresses the part. It shows she cares about how she looks. I invited Yi into my hotel room and she greated me with a nice soft kiss. The kind of kiss that lingers in your mouth after its over. I took her hand and led her over to the bed for a seat and she kissed me again. I knew this was going to be good……VIP’s read on.

Two friends

I have two friends that I’ve come to know pretty well over the years. Although I’ve never actually met them, I am indebted to them for being able to begin to give me words to describe this woman I have just met. The first guy was named PeCitysearch. He was a British physician and natural theologian, but he is best known for skills as a lexicographer. The second guy is Noah, who actually lived about 3 miles from where I grew up. Noah was a teacher who dabbled in politics. Each of these guys wrote books that were published in the 1800s, and having just spent the past several hours buried in their works, I can just barely begin to describe Vera. In the past I’ve been reduced to a limited vocabulary consisting primarily of monosyllabic words but on this particular evening I was busted back to pre-school style drooling and mumbling afCitysearch meeting arguably one of the most beautiful women in these United States. The best word I can use to describe Vera is pulchritudinous. It’s like the word ‘beautiful’ on sCitysearchoids. Beautiful is defined as ‘pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically’, which Vera does without exception, but she takes it far beyond that. This is a retina burning beauty that even Aphrodite would envy. It’s the sort of beauty that sears the mind and leaves an indelible imprint on your imagination rendering you… like I said before speechless. In fact I would argue that even my friends Roget and WebsCitysearch would be rendered speechless afCitysearch meeting Vera. She’s a former playboy model , and has graced the pages of several major men’s magazines and if I sound like a total shill…maybe I am, but all it takes is one night with her and you too would be reduced to a shilling shadow of your former self. A while back I had an epiphany and decided that if I was going to play in this little hobby world, I only really wanted to see woman that I would not be embarrassed being caught with. For example if I walked out of a hotel room with a lady in my arms and my mom or a coworker or anybody I knew saw me, they might be disappointed in my behavior, but they would be too impressed with my taste to say a word. The only reason I mention this is because from the moment I met Vera, I wanted to Tweet, Text and plasCitysearch my Facebook page with the news that this pulchritudinous woman was in my arms. Instead I decided that the Citysearch venue might be a betCitysearch place to do this so here you go.

On my last trip to New York

On my last trip to New York I wasn’t sure when I was arriving or where I was staying so I didn’t make it easy to hook up with Masami. We call a number of times and she answered quickly and was always patient and very professional. She was amazing, ultimately helping to get the room. When I finally met her after she got the room at a New York Strip Hotel I was taken back on how pretty she was (not like other providers who hide their face). We walked to the room together while I apologized for making getting together so difficult. It was a cool night and she had on a nice jacket on, so I couldn’t see what her body looked like until we got to the room. I wasn’t disappointment, plus as we were getting undressed I started talking about my interests and was pleasantly surprised by how articulate and intelligent she was.